Cardiff - Bye Bye

Thank you Cardiff for those 3 amazing years

After almost 3 years in Cardiff I left last Saturday to move to Stuttgart. A mix of feelings, an apprehension for a new life but also an emptiness which appeared when I started to unpack my boxes and found some gifts and pictures. I gonna miss Cardiff, my friends there but Life is a path with many steps.
View from Tintagel Castle - Vue depuis le château de Tintagel

A weekend in Cornwall – Day 1

A short weekend to visit Cornwall, South England. Between fishing villages, quarries, castles, celtics or unexpected locations, and stunning landscapes. Review of the first day of our visit on the west coast of the area.

Bully’s – French cuisine in Cardiff

As each month, I met some friends around a good table. In September it was at Billy's, a French cuisine restaurant in Cardiff. Feedback of my culinary experience of our French classics in a British location.
Underground | Métro

Camden, my cultural crush in London

Camden, district of London where originality, creativity and eccentricity are present at every street corner. Due to its different markets, shops, locals and restaurants, the mix of cultures and the opening of minds that are present make this place a must.
See the future

Review of 3 years in the UK before I leave it

You've got this moment when you know that you want something else. Travel, Work, Culture, or just a new flat; it's a circle in your life. Three years ago, I moved to Cardiff and in less than a month I will move to Germany. Review of the last three years of travel and my feeling about this hard choice.