Bom Jesus Do Monte

Braga – Sameiro Sanctuary and Bom Jesus do Monte

Visit of Braga, North Portugal. Between the Sameiro sanctuary, the famous Bom Jesus with its crazy number of stairs and one of the emblematic monuments of the country, a walk in woods and a city center full of churches.
Mostarda e Chocolate - logo

Mostarda & Chocolate – Restaurant in Braga

Little review on a restaurant tested in January 2015 in Braga, Portugal: Mostarda & Chocolate. This gastropub located outside the center is really a good value for the food and for the warm welcome. Hamburger, grilled, salads and Portuguese specialties on the menu like the traditional Franceschina.

A playlist for each type of transportation

I never travel without music and with experience, I created different playlists depending on the destination, activities, people I travel with, kind of trip and also the type of transportation. TOP 5 of the songs I often listen in my playlists for traveling depending the type of transportation I use.

FML v1.0 – The unexpected in your travels

Based on the concept of the website FML - F*** My Life - some unexpected that happened to me during my travels and that now make me smile. Sometimes, some can be funny on the moment, others can be stressful. Oh joy of traveling! At least, I learned from misadventures and improved my organisation's skills.
New Year 2014

Celebrate abroad… never alone

When we move to a new country before the celebrations at the end of the year, we always wonder how they will be but we are never alone. There is always something to do: help in associations or find someone to celebrate with via Facebook or Meetup pages with people from the surrounding. There is always someone in the same situation.

Half-traveler, fears and misunderstandings from others

"Half-traveler" is my definition. Expatriate in different countries, traveler but who does not want to let everything behind me, a life choice that often leaves room for misunderstandings and fears of the relatives but also extreme travelers.