Camden, my cultural crush in London

Discovery of the borough of Camden, North West London, last weekend. To be honest, London will never stop surprise me. Despite the fact that capital cities are not my cup of tea, I always like to spend a weekend there to discover new places.

Camden, it’s my big heart crush. I’m normally not a fan of shopping but I recognize that I might spent many hours there. I understand its qualification of first market in London and one of the most famous market in the world.

 Cheerful – Mix – Integrated

I guess these 3 words define this location.


Nobody stands in between me and my Camden
Nobody stands in between me and my Camden



Colors and creativity are at each corners. From the colored buildings to the stores’ windows, from graffiti along Camden Road station to  the seats designed like scooters along the canal, from the old docks with traditional restaurants to the take away in the market, there are so different styles that your eyes blink all the time. Finally, if you like eccentricity, it’s the place to be! I was crazy about all of it.

Camden is also THE creator’s and crafter’s area in London. They can expose their creations and sell them in the market. You find there original objects and pieces of art.

Different markets for different needs. From the tourist to the local who’s looking for his vegetables, everything is there in a friendly atmosphere.


Main street in Camden



There is an impressive mix of culture which is visible everywhere.

– Culture by the food
Camdem Lock Market is really representative by different types of take away that we can find. From Asian to Mexican food, there is nothing surprising but when you see French and German food to take away, it’s like a dream!
Along Inverness Street Market, there are different pubs / restaurants from so many different countries that it’s getting complicated to choose only one without wanting to try the neighbor.


Scooter seats to eat along the river
Scooter seats to eat along the river


– Culture by styles
From Nike to New Rock via the Gothic’s dresses shop and everything on less than 500 meters, that’s haven. There are other districts like that in London, I agree, but the ambiance in Camden and the decoration of the buildings show deeply more the differences.



That’s what touched me in this location.
That is not pink life everyday in the district, no illusion but during my visit I kept awesome memories.
Even if British people are known as open-minded people, Camden is, according to me, a world apart in London. From the punk to the reggae man via the starlet or the goth, everybody lives with his style without shame, hides it and what I saw, with a good interaction.
An incomparable open-minded where it’s good to let self go.


Graffiti along the river in Water Line
Graffiti along the river in Water Line


Fan of shopping, eccentric, take away lover from different countries but with a good quality or that you just want to walk along the canal, it’s an amazing place. To visit without any hesitation!


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7 Replies to “Camden, my cultural crush in London”

  1. Salut, la prochaine que nous allons à Londres nous irons voir ce quartier qui a l’air très vivant, très coloré et surtout très original. Pourquoi tu dis “ce n’est pas tous les jours tout beau tout rose dans le quartier” ?

    1. Tout simplement, la zone “touristique” n’est pas représentative du quartier dans son intégralité.
      Même si les habitants ont une ouverture d’esprit incroyable, il y a parfois des accros dans les zones un peu plus reculées. C’est la même chose partout ailleurs mais c’est aussi pour souligner le fait que malgré une généralité communautaire, il reste toujours quelques conflits.
      Une zone où tout le monde se mélange sans qu’aucuns problèmes ne se présentent est idyllique.

    2. Dans tous les cas, je suis certaine que vous allez apprécier l’endroit 😉
      Ce serait cool de me faire un petit retour sur vos ressentis personnels une fois visité.
      J’aime bien avoir l’opinion des autres aussi sur les endroits 🙂

  2. salut nous partons à Londres pour le jour de l’an. Nous restons 4 jours. Notre hotel est situé à coté de la gare de st pancras. j’espère que nous aurons le temps de visiter Camden.

    1. J’espère que vous pourrez le visiter, personnellement, j’ai adoré l’ambiance et pour les fans de shopping décallés et la street food il y a vraiment de quoi faire 😉

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