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Bague de Claddagh 0

Claddagh ring

For those of my generation, the Claddagh ring is to remind you of something… If you know the series Buffy the vampire slayers.
But what are the real origins and symbolism of this Irish ring?

Original English phone boxes 0

Revisited phone boxes in London

These famous red British phone boxes, with their little windows and letters TELEPHONE, symbol of the UK, for sure, having a second life by being revisited by artists or marketing agencies in London.

Love Padlocks - Cadenas de l'amour 4

The love padlocks

It’s Saint Valentine’s day, let’s talk about love with these padlocks, symbols that couples lock on fences along bridges.
Even if it’s a cute action, is it really a good idea for the structures and an unbreakable symbol of love?

Bristol Chrismas market 0

4 Christmas markets in the UK

English people are crazy about Christmas and last year, I played the game, visiting different Christmas markets for their special characteristics. From the theme parc to the German Christmas market via the most beautiful city in England.

Cardiff - Bye Bye 0

Thank you Cardiff for those 3 amazing years

After almost 3 years in Cardiff I left last Saturday to move to Stuttgart.
A mix of feelings, an apprehension for a new life but also an emptiness which appeared when I started to unpack my boxes and found some gifts and pictures.
I gonna miss Cardiff, my friends there but Life is a path with many steps.