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Love Padlocks - Cadenas de l'amour 4

The love padlocks

It’s Saint Valentine’s day, let’s talk about love with these padlocks, symbols that couples lock on fences along bridges.
Even if it’s a cute action, is it really a good idea for the structures and an unbreakable symbol of love?

Bristol Chrismas market 0

4 Christmas markets in the UK

English people are crazy about Christmas and last year, I played the game, visiting different Christmas markets for their special characteristics. From the theme parc to the German Christmas market via the most beautiful city in England.

Welsh festive dress 0

Saint David’s Day

Saint David’s day is a Welsh celebration in remembrance of Saint David, Saint Patron of Wales.
Each 1st of March, a parade takes place in Welsh cities; Let’s have a view of the colors of Wales.

Lille – Chocolate exhibition 0

Lille – Chocolate exhibition

If like me and many others, you’re a fan of chocolate, like to cook or fashion, then Le salon du chocolat (Chocolate exhibition) is an event that you’ll not miss if you’re in Lille in March. Each year, since 2011, takes place in Lille Le salon du chocolat. For 3...