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London National Museum 0

Visit of the London Natural History Museum

Visit of the London Natural History Museum.
From the smallest animal to the biggest, the new discoveries and the extinct species. The dinausors section is just great!
If you don’t like queuing, have a look at the article where you’ll find some tricks to avoid that.

Castell Coch 0

Castell Coch – Fairy castle in Wales

Castell Coch is known as The Red Castle due to its color or as the Fairy Castle due to its architecture.
Located in the North of Cardiff, Wales, in the middle of woods, the emplacement is gorgeous. The luxurious interiors and painting explained its nickname.
It has been often used as the location for some TV shows like Doctor Who or Merlin,

Cardiff Castle 0

Cardiff Castle

Medieval castle and a Victorian Gothic Revival Mansion, The Cardiff Castle (in Welsh Castell Caerdydd) is located in the center of Cardiff. Built in the late 11th century, the castle formed the heart of the medieval town of Cardiff. In the 12th century, it was rebuilt in stones and the...

St Fagans National History Museum 0

St Fagans National History Museum

St Fagans National History Museum, most known as the Museum of Welsh Life, is an open-air museum and is located at the West of Cardiff. It is composed of re-erected Welsh buildings from all around Wales and it chronicles the Welsh life, culture and architecture.

The Abbey 0

Lacock – Abbey and village

Visit of Lacock, a small typical village of England.
From Chippenham, the closest town, it’s easy to take a bus or bike using the cycle path through the countryside.
The old village is pretty but it also more famous for its Abbey where some films and TV shows have been recorded as ‘Harry Potter’ for example.