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Sugar pie | Tarte au sucre 1

Ch’ti sugar pie – North of France

As a gourmet from North of France, I could not avoid the presentation of the famous Ch’ti sugar pie.
Such a simple recipe, but which takes a little time for rising.
A sweet delight, and my favorite, from the North of France; undoubtedly a success.

Maroilles on a pie 0

Maroilles – A Village, A Cheese

I’m a Ch’ti, a girl from the North of France. I can’t avoid to talk about one of my favorite, famous but really smelly cheese: The Maroilles.
Maroilles is not only a cheese: It’s also a village and a beer.

Cuniole 1

Le Cougnou or La Cuniole

I love traditions and I’m trying to keep them as much as I can.
The Cougnou is a pastry eaten for breakfast on Christmas day with a bowl of hot chocolate.
It’s really common in North of France and Belgium.

Lille – Chocolate exhibition 0

Lille – Chocolate exhibition

If like me and many others, you’re a fan of chocolate, like to cook or fashion, then Le salon du chocolat (Chocolate exhibition) is an event that you’ll not miss if you’re in Lille in March. Each year, since 2011, takes place in Lille Le salon du chocolat. For 3...

Pancakes 0

French pancakes – Crêpes

The Saturday afternoon delight for children or on Sunday for breakfast, Crêpes (French pancakes) can be eaten in different ways.
Sweet or savory, flavored or plain, it is just good to sometimes just enjoy.
Check out the recipe for the sweet French pancakes.