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Friendship abroad 1

Friendship while traveling

It’s not because you are traveling or living the life of an expatriate that the friendships you made during your trips are ephemera… After 4 years, I feel blessed to have met all these people and keep some of them in my life.
Sometimes, be far away can be complicated but when friendship and complicity are strong, nothing will stop.

New Year 2014 0

Celebrate abroad… never alone

When we move to a new country before the celebrations at the end of the year, we always wonder how they will be but we are never alone. There is always something to do: help in associations or find someone to celebrate with via Facebook or Meetup pages with people from the surrounding. There is always someone in the same situation.

Cardiff - Bye Bye 0

Thank you Cardiff for those 3 amazing years

After almost 3 years in Cardiff I left last Saturday to move to Stuttgart.
A mix of feelings, an apprehension for a new life but also an emptiness which appeared when I started to unpack my boxes and found some gifts and pictures.
I gonna miss Cardiff, my friends there but Life is a path with many steps.

See the future 0

Review of 3 years in the UK before I leave it

You’ve got this moment when you know that you want something else. Travel, Work, Culture, or just a new flat; it’s a circle in your life. Three years ago, I moved to Cardiff and in less than a month I will move to Germany. Review of the last three years of travel and my feeling about this hard choice.