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My travel Wishlist 2

Travel wish list for my 31

At some point, we all make a list of things to do, whether voluntarily or not. After my birthday, I created one of my 31st year and what I would like to do before I turn 32. Some points are already made, others are yet to organize. We’ll see what it will be in August …

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A playlist for each type of transportation

I never travel without music and with experience, I created different playlists depending on the destination, activities, people I travel with, kind of trip and also the type of transportation.
TOP 5 of the songs I often listen in my playlists for traveling depending the type of transportation I use.

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FML v1.0 – The unexpected in your travels

Based on the concept of the website FML – F*** My Life – some unexpected that happened to me during my travels and that now make me smile. Sometimes, some can be funny on the moment, others can be stressful. Oh joy of traveling!
At least, I learned from misadventures and improved my organisation’s skills.