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Blaubeuren – The pearl of the Swabian Alps

Natural phenomena sometimes make places unmissable. According to me, the town of Blaubeuren in the south of Germany, is one of them. Architecturally preserved and in the heart of the Swabian Alps, its greater specificities remain in its underground caves and turquoise lake.

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Transportation in Egypt

When I prepared my trip to Egypt I could not find a lot of information concerning the transportation system. Not a lot of websites and mainly incomplete or outdated, a politic situation that is limiting travelers, and cities that seemed impossible to link together. But how is it really, how much does it cost and what are the different type of transportation? I grouped all the information I found during my trip in this article.

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Wine tasting in Barossa Valley

I love wine, I am French, a stereotype ? Not sure.
I spent a day in Barossa valley, a wine-producing region on the northeast of Adelaide, South Australia. I have been able to visit four different wineries. My feelings about each of them that might help you to choose if you are visiting the area.

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Wild escape on Kangaroo Island

Two days to discover the wild island that is Kangaroo Island, Australia. Between animals, breathtaking landscapes, outdoors activities and culture, a stop that you should not miss if you visit South Australia.

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5 reasons to visit Cardiff

If you follow some of my expat experiences, you know I miss my previous adoption country: the UK and especially Wales.
Here the details of the 5 reasons why you should visit Cardiff and maybe you will understand why this city has a part of my heart.