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Blaubeuren – The pearl of the Swabian Alps

Natural phenomena sometimes make places unmissable. According to me, the town of Blaubeuren in the south of Germany, is one of them. Architecturally preserved and in the heart of the Swabian Alps, its greater specificities remain in its underground caves and turquoise lake.

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Weltenburg Abbey

Bavaria is famous for its beer, its beer festival but did you know that there is also the oldest – beer – brewery in the world?

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10 days in Germany… Again…

Another trip in Germany for the second time in less than a year with a wish to visit my friends who live in Hesse.
Different towns, festivals, discoveries and meetings.

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Fulda – A baroque town in Germany

A 3 hours trip in the lovely baroque town of Fulda, in Hesse Germany.
Where baroque and bavarian styles are mixed together and churches are everywhere in a green area.

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Cologne – Hohenzollern Bridge

Hohenzollern Bridge crosses the Rhine River in Cologne. This bridge is famous due to its location: Near the Cathedral, but also because of the impressive quantity of Love padlocks hanged on it. It’s also impressive because of its size.

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Cologne Cathedral

The High Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, from it’s official German name: The Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria, more famous under the name Kölner Dom. This Roman Catholic Cathedral is located in Cologne – Köln, Germany, just at the border of the Rhine and is a World...