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A day in Frankfurt am Main / Francfort

My first time in Francfort for a day when I visited my friend Marco.
Francfort is the 5th largest city in Germany and is considered as the richest. Understandable when we know that it is the largest financial center in the continental Europe. But except all these high buildings and its sausages, what does Francfort have to offer?

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Bristol – Street Art

Bristol is one of the most cultural place in the United-Kingdom.
Famous for its street art project: See No Evil, renewed in 2013, this city is also the location of many master piece of Banksy.
Walking in the famous streets like Nelson streets and find some creativity at each corner.

The Abbey 0

Lacock – Abbey and village

Visit of Lacock, a small typical village of England.
From Chippenham, the closest town, it’s easy to take a bus or bike using the cycle path through the countryside.
The old village is pretty but it also more famous for its Abbey where some films and TV shows have been recorded as ‘Harry Potter’ for example.

Captain Scott's memorial 0

Cardiff – Roath Park

Cardiff is a green city with many parks but my favorite still Roath Park.
Located at 25 minutes walk from the city center, Roath Park is a nice place for a good walk around the lake, the woods and the gardens.
It’s also a nice area for a family moment because of the playground and the water activities available.