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Organise ton voyage 0

Organisation of group travels

Traveling alone or as a group takes a whole new sense of organisation.
Time requirements should not be overlooked, communication not to frustrate the group, exchange desires to satisfy everyone… are the keys to a successful group travel in joy, sharing moments, discoveries and a good mood.
Some tips I have to take care of when I organize a trip for many people for a limited duration.

Cardiff Millenium Stadium 0

5 reasons to visit Cardiff

If you follow some of my expat experiences, you know I miss my previous adoption country: the UK and especially Wales.
Here the details of the 5 reasons why you should visit Cardiff and maybe you will understand why this city has a part of my heart.

Bague de Claddagh 0

Claddagh ring

For those of my generation, the Claddagh ring is to remind you of something… If you know the series Buffy the vampire slayers.
But what are the real origins and symbolism of this Irish ring?

10 essentials 1

10 essentials that make my life easier when traveling

As in our travel experiences, the contents of our bag evolves into lighter, more functional. We also discover objects that facilitate the daily journey. All are not necessary, because everyone has different personal needs. Here the 10 essentials that simplify my daily journey.