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Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes 0

The Plitvice Lakes, another scenery

The national park of Plitvice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its lakes, a pearl of a jade color in Croatia. I found myself transported in its water and under its waterfalls during a disconnected day.

Friendship abroad 1

Friendship while traveling

It’s not because you are traveling or living the life of an expatriate that the friendships you made during your trips are ephemera… After 4 years, I feel blessed to have met all these people and keep some of them in my life.
Sometimes, be far away can be complicated but when friendship and complicity are strong, nothing will stop.

Île de Bled 2

A day in Bled, Slovenia

A day in Bled and its surroundings, in northern Slovenia.
Discovery of the Lake with jade-colored waters, the local cake and the Trigval National Park via the Vintgar Gorge.