The French toast recipe – Backpackers version

Sunday, I published on Instagram, a picture of my home made breakfast: a piece of French toast.
I love this French desert called Pain perdu – literally translated: Lost bread.
A quick and easy dish to cook at home or on the road.


A French toast, What is that ?

I have always been amused by this conflicting name that, when I was a kid and starry-eyed, made my mother laugh, and still does, with my question: “Why do we call it lost bread? t is not lost because we eat it! Can we call it retrieved bread?”
Anyway, when we are kids, we really asked so weird questions and your childhood “mistakes” will forever stick to you in your family circle! 🙂

Historically speaking, you guessed it, this recipe was used to not lose your hard-won bread.
Nowadays, this pastry is usually eaten as a dessert but it does its job also for breakfast or as a snack.
Bread or brioche a slightly stale, eggs, milk, sugar and butter: that is only what you need with 10 minutes of your time.
You can understand why it is a good recipe for travelers. You don’t lose your bread and you have a different kind of breakfast.
I like it also cold so it is a perfect snack during the same day.


A good slice of French toast with a hot Chocolate and an ice cream. Yummy!
A good slice of French toast with a hot Chocolate and an ice cream. Yummy!


Recipe for travelers

As a traveler At home Ingredients


2 tablespoons

1 glass

4 teaspoon



40 g

20 cl

16 g

Slices of bread or brioche slightly stale


Castor sugar


Butter – For cooking

In a dish, mix the milk, sugar and eggs.

In a pan, melt the butter over medium heat and let it foam.
NB: If you have to cook each slice independently, use one teaspoon of butter for each slice.
Quickly dip the slice in the mix and place it in the pan.
Allow to brown on each side. And here, simple!

If you eat it hot, you can enjoy it like that or with yogurt, fruit, a scoop of ice cream, jam, chocolate… Mix it with what you’ve got.
I love it also cold, especially out of the fridge with some jam or chocolate spread. A delight!

If you want an improved version, you can add half a packet of vanilla sugar, use brown sugar, orange blossom… Let your imagination speaking by using local flavors 🙂


What do you cook while traveling?

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