Wild escape on Kangaroo Island

Due to its wild state, Kangaroo Island was definitely on my list during my trip in South Australia. But visiting the island is not cheap. The ferry is one of the top 5 most expensive ferry in the world, rental does not cover the car on the island and you really need a good car if you want to drive outside the main road. Renting a car on the island around Christmas was so expensive that it was actually almost cheaper to book an organised tour.

We finally choose the sealink 2 day Kangaroo Island Wilderness Explorer package for AUD 450 so about €290. Including meals, transportation – with a small coach on the island – , accommodation and all activities.
Information available here.
Our guide was really awesome. We learned so much and as a nature lover, it was such a pleasure to discuss with him. The best tour guide I ever met until now.
Usually, this kind of tour rushing us, but in that case, it was so well organised that we had all the time to enjoy nature and outside activities without having this “snap a picture and go” feeling.

Pennington Bay
Pennington Bay


First day

Early morning departure from Adelaide after a very late arrival the previous day. Direction Cape Jervis to catch a Ferry to Kangaroo Island. About two hours drive and one hour in the boat later, a coach was waiting for us at the ferry arrival and the adventure started.

First stop at Rob’s Shearing and Sheep Dogs where you will learn how dogs are trained to manage sheep, how they are shaved and the business around it.

Quick stop on Pennington Bay for the gorgeous lookout point on our way to Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery. A quick introduction on how a family started the production of Eucalyptus oil and derivatives. Not really interactive because the owner only shows you a video and is mainly dealing with her shop and products to sell. At least, it let you occupied until the lunch is prepared.

Old truck at the Eucalyptus distillery
Old truck at the Eucalyptus distillery

After cultural visits, it’s time to spend time with nature for a guided tour along the beach and close to the seals, at the Seal Bay visitor center. An entertaining spot with so many seals, so close to us. At this time of the year, it was also possible to see baby seals. So cute!

Seals on the bay
Seals on the bay, no worries, they sleep!

Outdoors activity was the credo for the rest of the day.
Sand surfing on Little Sahara sand dunes. A golden sand desert on the small islands with high dunes. My firs time on a surf board and test it on sand dunes was, in a sens, disturbing.
Not such an easy thing, but after 3 shots, I succeed to stay more than 2 seconds on the board 🙂
This activity is really exhausting but worth the effort of each climb.

We finally finished our journey at Vivonne Bay lodge where we staid for the night.
The lodge is really clean, quiet and full of animals. After only few minutes there, we saw kangaroos. The funniest fact of the day: A koala nearly pissing on me. He actually felt assaulted and defended his territory while I passed under his tree without seeing him before. Fortunately, I heard him shouting at me, otherwise, I should have been the one wet and not the picnic table…

The loge provides canoes, bikes, ping pong table and a barbecue.
We decided to kayak along the river for more than an hour, ate a barbecue with the group and I finally cycled to the beach.

Koala on a tree at the Lodge
Koala on a tree at the Lodge


Second day

Early leaving to visit Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.
Walking along the Koala walk, we found koalas, wallabies and kangaroos grouped by families or under their huts. No barriers, animals were totally free. A delight for the eyes and the mood to see them jumping everywhere.

After our animals part of the day, let’s go for a landscape discovery in Flinders Chase National Park.
Walk on the Remarkable Rocks, enjoying this massive structure and its red / orange colour at the border of the sea.

The remarkable rocks
The remarkable rocks

Kangaroo Island is… and Island, which means: Lighthouse.
We could not leave the island without seeing one of them.  Cape du Couedic was our next destination, an active lighthouse in a gorgeous landscape.

Few kilometers away, walk along the sea until the admirals arch. This big cave where you will also sea lots of seals resting on the rocks.
According to local legends, the soul passed underneath the arch before going to its final destination.

Visit of the Flinders Chase Visitor Center and time to eat a barbecue.

Last two stops before heading back to the main land were two different beaches.
The first one was Snelling Beach, a sandy beach closely surrounded by high rocks and cliffs.
The second was stockes Bay. An interesting area with a passage under the rocks to access to the beach with a sort of small natural swimming pool surrounded by a wall of rocks.

Stokes Bay
Stokes Bay

After two great days full of discoveries, time to leave the island with the ferry.

Kangaroo Island, a must to visit if you are in Australia. The island definitely worth it!
One of the best part of my trip in South Australia.



Have you ever visited Kangaroo Island?
On your wishlist?

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