Wine tasting in Barossa Valley

I am French, I love wine, what a stereotype, right?
The funniest thing is that I started to enjoy wine when I left France for UK. Since then, my tastes have evolved and I really enjoy a good glass of wine. So it’s not a matter of nationality but personality.
Living now in Germany – sorry to say dear German friends – the wine in the country is not really the best. But… of course, there are exceptions. – Don’t shout on me, please! Taste is different for each individual! 😉
I fancy some Australian wines, so when I visited the South of the country, I decided to spend a day in Barossa Valley, a wine-producing region on the northeast of Adelaide, in South Australia.
There are many different producers in the area and I will give you some feedback of those I visited concerning information provided, quality of service and my opinion on the wine.

Vineyard - Barossa Valley - Trick or Trip
Jacob’s creek vineyard in Barossa Valley

As I am not joking with alcohol and driving, my friend and I decided to join a tour for this experience.
A bottle of water in the bag and we are ready to go!


First winery: Jacob’s Creek

One of the biggest producer in the area. Their wine can be found everywhere in the world. I already found some bottles in UK and Germany.
When you enter in the building, you can already feel it is a big company. Many tours on the same time, a bit noisy, but it is a business in the area so…
Nevertheless, the presentation was really interesting. Our guide took time to explain the differences between types of wine, how the flavor or the color appear, the level of quality…
Concerning the tasting, we generally had good wine with an explanation for each of them.

Jacob's Creek - Wine tasting - Barossa Valley - Trick or Trip
Jacob’s Creek


Second winery: Kies

This winery is managed by a family who mainly sales its bottles in Australia. When you enter, you can feel the difference in the atmosphere: More quiet, more personal.
Unfortunately, very few explanation. Just a piece of paper with some basic information.
All glasses were pulled one after the other. Not really enough time to enjoy each glass.

Kies - Wine tasting - Barossa Valley - Trick or Trip
Kies red wine for lunch time


Third winery: Wolf Blass

Worldwide winery again, but according to me and my friend, the less friendly and the less tasty of the day.
Wolf Blass is German and is actually based on German production processes – And as I mentioned, German wine are already not my cup of tea, matter of taste 🙁
We had absolutely no information what so ever during the taste. Quantities were the smallest and the quality of the panel offered was, according to all of the people in the tour, low.
My final word, if you want to learn about wine, it is not the best place to go.

Wolf Blass - Wine tasting - Barossa Valley - Trick or Trip
Wolf Blass


Fourth winery: Lambert estate

Our crush without any hesitation! This family winery made our day.
The service was gorgeous, the wine just fabulous, a location full of humor.
During the tasting, the owner showed up. He explained to us the story behind each bottle: Why the name to the wine, his favorites, the stories behind each year of the wine we tasted. A truly passionate man, like his family who joined us a little bit later.
We had time between each glass, giving us enough time to enjoy each one.
Their Chocolate Porto was a delight as 3 others of their red wine like the “Tempt Me”
They only have very few sellers in Europe, but I already manage with my friend that she send me some bottles later this year!

Lambert Estate - Wine tasting - Barossa Valley - Trick or Trip
Touch of humor on the Lambert Estate’s Christmas tree

There are a lot of other wineries in Barossa Valley, so if you like wine and / or want to learn about it, I hope that this list will be helpful.
If you are in the surrounding of Adelaide and fancy wine, well, have a treat but of course, take care and don’t drive if you drink. The sun can be your worst enemy.

Have you ever visited Barossa Valley and which winery was your favorite?
Any other wine-producing region you have already visited?

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